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Food and drink prices are increasing and salaries have remained stagnant for over 15 years. So in terms of wanting to earn and save money as a teacher in Thailand Forget it!In China, the cost of living is far lower than in Europe or the USA. The salaries in China are fairly modest and it is possible to earn and save a decent amount of money every month and still live a comfortable lifestyle. I can only give my input on living in the south of China as I haven't ventured to the northern provinces yet. But I can safely say that I am more at home here in China than I was in Thailand. In a nut shell. Thailand has a honeymoon period, where everything is magical and sometimes surreal. But after living there for a while, your eyes start to see the other side and the rose tinted glasses you once wore will start to fade. Happy ventures to all those embarking on a career in South East Asia, I wish you luck. Cheers!I don't recall the work visa being free for Thailand, nor stress free. I vividly remember a painful trip to Laos, at a sizeable cost as do all others I work with.

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For too many reasons to count, Yahoo!Answers is not the appropriate place to deal with this very serious life issue. I have never met or seen on tv or HEARD any woman say that violence against men is ok. I know it happens and I know that men are ashamed and in horrible pain, just like a woman that is abused. I would reach out to help an abused man just as quickly as I would help an abused woman. This is not a sexist issue. This is a social issueThe samples you shared are DISGUSTING. But again. it is a horrible social issue, not a sexist issue. How many men were involved with that t shirt company and video?How many men would laugh at a man that is abused by his wife. This is not a sexist issue. it is a social issue.

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