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Christopher is Professor of Computer Science and Program Director of the Data Science Initiative at Rice University. ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems TODAES welcomes Sharon Hu as its new Editor in Chief for the term of June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2023. Sharon is a Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University of Notre Dame. ACM has transitioned to new authoring templates. The new template consolidates all eight individual ACM journal and proceedings templates. The templates are updated to the latest software versions, have been developed to enable accessibility features, and use a new font set. Changes expand access to Special Interest Group conference proceedings. ACM offers flexible options that fit computing researchers' individual needs. Have you always wondered how you can improve your writing and communicate more effectively?Ubiquity, ACM's online magazine of critical analysis and in depth commentary, offers Communication Corner, a monthy feature by Philip Yaffe, retired Wall Street Journal reporter and Ubiquity editorial board member. Each installment includes an essay on a fundamental aspect of effective writing or speaking; an exercise to help you practice writing on the topic being discussed; and an invitation to submit your exercise for possible critique. The most comprehensive collection of full text articles and bibliographic records covering computing and information technology includes the complete collection of ACM's publications.

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Yes, Facebook got significant investment, as have many other companies with a dual class structure, but Facebook was extremely successful and had their choice of prominent investors. It is also worth mentioning here that Mark Zuckerberg has also maintained control through proxy. In other words, not only does he have the dual class structure, but he also has voting control over a substantial amount of shares that are not owned by him. The take home here is that its helpful, if not almost required, to have leverage or some compelling reason to warrant the dual class structure. So, unless you are a very hot startup and/or investors have extreme faith in you and your vision, it is somewhat rare that an investor will approve of the dual class structure. Some people believe that installing the dual class common stock structure ahead of ever seeking investment gives them leverage to keep it. Im not confident about that. Sure, a dual class structure could be built into your certificate of incorporation, but in the startup world, certificate of incorporations are made to be amended and restated. In other words, its not a huge legal exercise to get rid of the dual class structure as it only requires the filing of an amended/restated Certificate of Incorporation. And this is likely already going to happen as part of that financing. Again, it just goes back to your leverage.

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You can find the entire Yale Entrepreneurial Institute lecture series here. What audiences use business plans to gather valuable information about the business?Does every business, large or small, need a business plan?If so, why?How can the five dos and five don'ts outlined in this essay benefit the author of a business plan?This essay imparts some valuable advice for building a template to create a business plan. This essay will also complement the information in Chapter 1 of Business Fundamentals in this subunit. Do all business plans contain the same topics and level of detail?Why, or why not?What type of information should you include in the eight information sections most commonly covered in a business plan?What guidelines should you follow to ensure you are successful writing a business plan?Watch this video on how to create the product or services section of a business plan. Refer back to the chapter you read in subunit 3. 2 if you need additional clarification.

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The rule of thumb is actually, the smaller the amount that your vehicle devaluates, the lower the costs to lease. If you choose to opt for this choice, you need to learn more about lease condition. This is the number of months that the vehicle is actually leased. Commonly, rents last for 24, 36 or 48 months, relying on your deal. Automobile leasing needs you to have a good credit rating, therefore if your credit history is actually reduced, it is much better to choose buying. You might even be rejected for a lease if your credit history is actually not good. Or, at the very least, you will definitely be actually demanded to spend much higher month to month charges. They are going to spend capital on purchasing the vehicle, then lease that cars and truck out. Much like along with any financing, their funds shoudl gain rate of interest therefore you far better consider this as well when taking into consideration the advantages of purchasing. Make sure that you get the very best deal out from auto leasing by contrasting the monthly costs with the rates of interest of your nearby car dealership. When selecting the model or construct from the vehicle that you are going to rent, decide on the Japanese and also International automobiles.

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Nearly any trees or plants with soft, pliable stems can be braided, and it is common to see Hibiscus, Ficus, Azalea, and Bay Leaf plants with braided stems. And for some plants, like Lucky Bamboo and Money Trees, the braiding is so popular, it is rare to see these plants without their famous braids. Keep in mind that when most people think of braids, they think of a specific, three strand design, but stem braiding can take a variety of forms. The definition of a braid is basically any decorative, interlacing of strands, and isnt limited to a particular style of braid. Some braided plants feature only two trunks, twisted together to form a spiral shape. This can be especially attractive for plants with densely packed leaves that form a leaf ball at the top of the structure. However, some braided plants may incorporate up to six strands. Even more intricate styles can include interwoven strands that are then molded into vase or trellis shapes, or even coils. Since Money Tree stems are thicker at the base and more fibrous than plants like Lucky Bamboo, it is rare to see them braided into intricate shapes. However, it is common to see a Money Tree with several interwoven strands. These popular styles can be beautiful additions to homes or offices and can add sentimental values to plants given as gifts.

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