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Dave and his Dad rolled the car back on its tires and pulled it home. He never registered the car for the highway but later made a doodlebug out of it. He added directional lights, rear shocks and did a bit of engine tuning before driving it the 45 miles to the Waterbury Show last August. As you can see, it is a beautiful car. The Ford Motor Company shut down its automobile production line in Detroit and at its assembly plants across the country early in February of 1942 to take on the war effort. In the three month period after the US entered WWII, due to the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, a stockpile of cars was set aside for essential uses during the war; military staff car production continued.

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Among the Siluriformes we find mouthbrooders, livebearers of a sort, bubblenest builders, egg scatterers, cuckoo spawners, nest builders, fish that carry their eggs attached to their mouth, and even catfishes that feed their fry with a body slime. With so many species coming from such diverse locations and habitats, it is no wonder that finding good solid information about a certain catfish can be tricky. The articles beyond this page come from myself and others with an interest in these fascinating fishes. Among the authors are well known aquarists and scientists, but I want to stress that it is not necessary to be an expert or have a Ph. D. to contribute to the world's collective knowledge on catfishes.

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No immediate cause was given for the fire and no estimates of the damages have yet been made, although reports say that both the Cathedral and Chapel were severely damaged. The 17th century Cathedral was the planned site for the upcoming 1998 and 2000 exhibitions and was being renovated for the events. It is impossible to speculate what effect the fire will have on these plans at this time. I hope to have detailed, accurate information directly from Turin in the next 24 to 48 hours and will make it immediately available on this website. In the interim, we must commend the courage of the firefighters who risked their lives to save the controversial relic from almost certain destruction. It seems that we have witnessed another critical moment in Shroud history. For more detailed information about the Chapel and an overview of its unique and fascinating history, read the article by Emanuela Marinelli titled, "The Shroud Chapel Is 300 Years Old" on the "Collegamento pro Sindone" page of this website, which includes a color photograph of the interior. On April 1, 1997, CBS ran a one hour special titled, "The Mysterious Man in the Shroud". Produced and directed by Terry Landau, whose credits include the PBS series, "The Brain", it was one of the most balanced and accurate, well researched and well presented documentaries on the Shroud ever produced for television. Terry and her fine crew should be congratulated for the beautiful visual quality, superb editing and exquisite graphics that make the program a "must see" for anyone with even a passing interest in the Shroud of Turin. I also wish to apologize to Terry and to you, the viewers, for missing the mark and not getting a notice about the program on this website before it aired.

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